Anycubic Kobra Contest Details

We are collaborating with Anycubic on the launch of their brand new Kobra and Photon series to give followers of PinkLumenade on TikTok two free printers!

Contest Details

Show your creativity! Anycubic is giving away two free printers to Pink Lumenade followers on TikTok! The theme is all about cobras to celebrate the new Kobra launch. You can either print the Cobra STL provided by Anycubic, or if you don't have a 3D printer you can make your own cobra out of any creative materials (paint, clay, popsicle sticks, your choice) and show it off in a video.

  1. Your video MUST contain a creative interpretation of the Anycubic cobra
  2. (Optional) If you want to print, download and print Anycubic's Cobra STL for your video. Link to file here
  3. Create a video on TikTok showing off your print!
  4. You must use the hashtags #anycubickobraseries, #anycubicphotonm3series and #pinkcobra in your TikTok video to be entered. It's a lot of hashtags we know, it's the rules
  5. Winners will be drawn April 12th by PinkLumenade. Two winners will be drawn! One to receive an Anycubic Kobra, another for the Anycubic Photon M3
  6. You must be following @PinkLumenade and @Anycubic on TikTok to enter
  7. Only one entry per person allowed, must be 18 or older to enter 
  8. Must be residing in North America, Europe, UK, or Australia to participate 
  9. Have fun with your print!