Who we are

Sarah and Brett, a couple living in California, started Hype Color to combine a passion for design and lighting. Sarah works as a professional designer by day and spends her time combining designs and lighting to create beautiful, custom pieces of work to brighten a space. Brett works in production and helps design the manufacturing and implementation of each piece. They have experience working with large scale lighting projects as well as personalized lamps and other lighting accessories.

Our studio is small but powerful. We run 17 3D printers to produce all the pieces for your prints, then assemble them in the studio before sending off to you.

3D printing is an art in itself. Every piece starts on a Sketchpad and is brought into Adobe Illustrator to digitize and plan out the wiring system. Each lamp has gone through hours of planning and attention to detail for prototyping, testing materials, and lighting effects and diffusing. Every print needs to be prototyped based on size and material -- even different colours need to be tested between prints. After each piece is printed, it's inspected, sanded and polished. Even the type of lighting between pieces can be different. They use an inventory of RGB, single color and addressable LED lights in different shapes and sizes. Lights are wired up and sometimes soldered to create the final piece.

Every piece you order has gone through hours of planning and assembly. Due to the nature of 3D printing, you'll find subtle variations in the prints which add to the unique character of the final product.